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Vankru Performance

We are an independent bike fit and coaching studio based in Hampshire.

By indentifying and understanding your limitations, we provide you solutions to give increased comfort, greater energy efficiency and improved overall performance in your sport.

Since being established in 2009, we have assisted more than 4,000 cyclists with optimised bike setup and training plans.









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Why choose Vankru?

First Retul Master Fitter in the UK, 2013.

Top 10 Bike Fitters in the UK - Cycling Weekly.

First Body Geometry Certified Fitter in UK, 2014.

Personally trained by world leading experts:

Todd Carver (founder of Retul), Andrew Pruitt EdD (Founder of Body Geometry Fit) and Paul Swift (Founder of Bikefit).

In 2016, our studio was proudly awarded Level 3 status from the IBFI independent body.

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Rugby Legend Will Carling gets a bike fit

Rubgy Legend Will Carling gets a bike fit