Rider Services

We believe bike fitting is an essential part of creating harmony between rider and bike. As avid cyclists ourselves we understand the demands of our beloved sport on the human body and dedicate our time to researching and indentifying ways to increase efficiency and support, limit stresses and prevent injury.

We utilise the latest bike fit and cycling analysis technologies to measure, monitor and record the changes we make and can provide you with a comprehensive report upon request.

In order to match you to the most suitable level of service, we have given some details below to help you choose. If you are still unsure what to book, or would like to discuss specific requirements please feel free to email us with your enquiry or request a call back.

Classic bike fit

Our classic bike fit is conducted largely by eye using our experience and limited technology use. Best suited for riders doing less than 5 hours per week and recommended to help with mild discomfort in one area of their riding. A se